Mergado is an innovative tool

Mergado is an innovative tool for optimizing and managing product data. It helps online stores and marketers to bulk edit product information and increase their visibility on marketplaces, comparison shopping sites, PPC systems and other channels. By automating most retailer tasks, it saves users time and eliminates the occurrence of manual errors.

How Mergado works

Mergado acts as a middleman between the online store and the sales platform. It regularly downloads an XML or CSV file with information about your goods, which it then processes into output data for hundreds of Czech and foreign sales channels, such as Google, Facebook, Kaufland, Allegro, etc.

What Mergado can help you with

Simple and comprehensive editing of XML and CSV feeds from product pairing to detailed campaign setup

Connection to 650+ product comparison sites and marketplaces

feed audit and detection of errors preventing successful advertising

optimizing costs and creating more converting ads

achieving better positions on comparison engines

significant cost savings for programmer work

For whom Mergado is suitable

You have or manage an online store with a dozen or more products

Manual editing of products is tedious and prone to typos and errors. Manage your online store and advertising in an automated way. With Mergado, you can edit thousands of products for hundreds of different comparison sites and marketplaces in one place.

You advertise on product comparison sites or marketplaces

Do you want to make your products more visible by advertising on comparison sites? Each advertising channel has different requirements for format of product data. Mergado knows the specifications of over 650+ advertising channels and will convert your feed for any platform in seconds.

You are planning to expand abroad

One of the easiest ways to reach international customers is by advertising on one of the local price comparison sites and marketplaces. You'll need a feed in the right format and local language. You can do both in Mergado.

You want to save time and money

Employing a programmer to edit your product data is expensive. In Mergado, you or your marketer can set everything up yourself in a few clicks. Bulk and automated.

You need to edit product images or set the price per click

Use the add-on apps from the Mergado Store and make Mergado your comprehensive e-commerce tool. In addition to regular feed editing, you can bulk edit product images, set your price per click rates or translate your feed into more than 25 languages.

Don't forget to check the quality of your feed before you start advertising. A free audit will help you do this. It will show you any errors in your campaigns and offer you options to fix them. Most of these errors can be fixed directly in Mergado.