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Communicate in the language of your clients

The eshop is multilingual and you can currently communicate with your customers in 6 languages (English, German, Polish, Czech, Slovak and Hungarian). You can use only one or all of them, whether in the eshop or in its admin.

Sell worldwide

Eshop is also multi-domain and thanks to that you can sell your products to your customers on the domain of their country. You manage all domains in one admin. And you can add one or all of the current languages and currencies to each domain.


Custom eshop design

We are fully ready to implement your chosen eshop graphic template. We understand how important it is for success to differentiate yourself from the competition with a design that reflects the identity and philosophy of your business.

Manage page elements

The appearance of the eshop is, of course, fully responsive and you can easily adjust it as needed, e.g. create dynamic menus, add banners, slideshows, links, icons, articles, announcements and welcome messages.


All in one admin

You can manage your stores in one administration system with a clear dashboard with useful information. The eshop can be managed using multiple administrators with different user rights.

Integrated invoicing is a matter of course

You can conveniently manage all orders, invoices, advance invoices, credit notes and delivery notes directly in the admin.Of course, the export of invoices to accounting systems for your accounting firm.


Products and categories

You will literally enjoy seamless product uploads and the creation of dynamic categories. For example. automatic generation of variants, copying of texts for easier translations into other languages, creation of categories according to events or seasons and much more.

One warehouse for all stores

The warehouse is only one for all countries. You always have an overview of the current state and value of stocks. When the product is sold out, it either automatically disappears from sale or there is information about the current unavailability.



Receiving orders non-stop. You can set up automatic sending of notification emails for your customers according to the type of order and country. Of course, you can also set notifications for different order statuses.

Features they sell

There are a number of constantly updated useful features to help you sell successfully, whether it’s discount coupons, a welcome window, free shipping information or a high-conversion 1-step cart.


Flexible modes of transport

In the eshop you can set different modes of transport as needed. Of course, the setting of different price levels according to the country of delivery, product weight or order value, e.g. to determine free shipping.

Receiving payments

You can accept payments for orders received in the 23 most used international payment currencies. Your customers can pay by credit card, cash on delivery, bank transfer, via PayPal or other payment gateways.


Statistics and customer acquisition

Get clear order statistics and, through a link to Google Ads, Analytics, you can see statistics to help you get an overview of your customers’ behavior and demand.

SEO Optimization and dynamic URLs

The eshop has fully integrated SEO and automatically generated URLs for individual domains and languages. In addition, you can use the My Store module to effectively manage links to your social networks.


Secure hosting

You always have your data securely stored, backed up and encrypted with us in our private cloud. Our availability monitoring is monitored by our availability monitoring system.

We will be happy to help you

We are here for you 24/7. We care about your success and we can provide you with useful advice for your eshop. Of course, there is assistance in its operation in the form of technical support.